Technical & Booking Information

Especially in jazz- and instrumental-oriented events, we will utilize quality pianos that are present at the venue.  Depending on the size of room and nature of the event, we may or may not amplify the piano with our P.A. system.

Generally, we carry an electric piano and amplifier, a bass and amplifier at a minimum, with or without P.A. In addition, we may carry guitar amp and larger P.A. No matter what configuration we only need one good source of power near the band stand. Ideally, we will have no less than 25 square feet per musician, 50 square feet for drums. That said, we work to make do with whatever space constraints we encounter.

A stage size of 8’ deep and 16” wide is ideal for a quartet and often clients will rent “risers” (it is always nice to have the band up off the floor, if possible, for various reasons). We have several P.A.’s and a larger assortment of CDs to play on breaks.

We can play continuously, and we can “platoon” different combos, but generally we play 50 minute sets and take 15 minute breaks. Our dress is either formal (tuxes), informal (suits) or casual (Hawaiian shirts and black pants). It is helpful to unload equipment as close to the band stand as possible—we carry equipment in SUVs and normal cars. You will want to tell us how to get to the stage and where and when to unload. We need about ½ hour to set up; 45 minutes in case of a large P.A. Help with loading and unloading is always appreciated, but not expected.

If necessary, we will come to your venue in advance of the event and consult with you on set up, staging and the like.

Our fees range from $300 to $3,000, depending on personnel, hours, and equipment required for the event (we charge a modest premium for early set up and for travel of more than 100 miles from Detroit).

A lot of groups say they are “VERSATILE”, in this category Motor City Beat and Louis Johnson Jazz, really delivers. So if you’re looking for a group who can really play both great Jazz and get down R&B, you’ve come to the right place.